Success vs. Value

Success vs. Value

“Strive not to be a success, but rather be of value”
-Albert Einstein

What is your worth? As the end of the year approaches, this is a question you may be asking yourself as you prepare your self-evaluation for performance reviews or for your own business. A lot of focus is put on being successful when it comes to our careers and businesses, but how do we define success? A promotion? A big bonus? A 50% increase in sales? or a 5000 instagram following? There isn’t really one way to define it. Success focuses on more on ourselves and what we can get or achieve. But after it is reached, then what? The feeling of achievement may fade and then you plan another milestone. Value on the other hand focuses on what you can give, what you have to offer that is of value. It doesn’t focus on one accomplishment, but what you bring to the table as a whole with your gifts and talents, and how you are using them to enrich the lives of others. Dependability is one example of a trait that is truly valued by employers. It's not something that can necessarily be translated to large sales, but it's providing a great value to whomever you work because they know they can count on you and that is a trait that is hard to find nowadays. So that's  real value!! I believe both are needed to be considered as we plan a course for our careers and/or our businesses. True satisfaction can't come solely from making lots of money and gaining popularity. Knowing that are work either directly or indirectly can be a blessing, encouragement or help to others is what will have the most lasting effect. So what is your worth?


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