Fashion in the Office: More than just Clothes

Fashion in the Office: More than just Clothes

Whether you work out of a home office or drive to one everyday, Fashion in the Office is a part of your day from the clothes to the accessories and supplies.

For me, I work from home and coffee shops, which it is easy to get into sweatpants and a sweatshirt because it is comfortable, but have my blog and pr clients it allows me to get motivated and creative to always look on point even if it is a casual at the home office look.

Fashion at the Office isn’t just about the fashion ensemble, but what it represents and for me it represents not just pride in my work, but pride in myself. It is saying to the world , ” I love what I do and I am passionate about it.” That is why I make myself as often as I can to get office ready because it makes me feel like I got a little extra sparkle in my eyes and can take the day by storm. Office ready also includes always have my go tos for the day, which includes not just my outfit, but my go to Girl Boss mug & post it notes, Kate Spade Notebook, my planner and Glamour magazine (for research).

My goal is to continue to get up and got to my desk with a look I take pride in and I do this for me and only me because it represents my true passion for fashion and beyond. Whether I am rocking my casual chic dressy sweatpant look to my polka dot t-shirt dress , I always shoot for the stars!


So I ask you, what makes your go to Fashion piece for working that exudes your passion and true self? Remember dress for yourself and when you feel confident it reflects in the work that you love and are truly passionate about.  Fashion in the Office is fun, fabulous and an extension of you :)

Originally published on January 21, 2016 on KLMfashionstyle blog

Meet Fashion Contributor:

Kerry is a lifestyle blogger who resides in California.  She is a creative creator and happiness inspirer with all thing public relations and her blog.  She is a big foodie, loves to shop, and loves movies.  She is a supporter of everyone and  loves to see people succeed.  She loves creating great content that goes deeper than your average post.  She strives to make others smile with her blog and PR work.

She can be followed on Twitter @klmfashionstyle and Instagram @livelaughstyle


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