Love Where You Work DIY - Marbled Vase

Love Where You Work DIY - Marbled Vase

Valentine's Day may be over, but there's still time to show your desk a little love with this beautiful DIY ceramic vase.  I've always said flowers are a great way to add beauty to your office space and to create a beautiful way to display these flowers, today I'm creating this dipped, marbled vase!

What you need:

-nail polish (I alternated between 3 different colors)
-large shallow disposable container, tub, or bucket  
-room temperature water
-a stick like a skewer or toothpick
-white ceramic vase (I got mine at Target for $4.99)
-clear matte finishing spray (optional)

I learned about this marbling technique on Pinterest and loved the idea! :) It's super easy, and no design is ever the same.  Even the most beginner DIY'ers can create a beautiful design the first time!

Here’s how:

1. Fill disposable container with room temperature water. (You need to use room temperature water to slow down the hardening process of the polish)

2. Gently pour the nail polish onto the water (pour as closely to the water as possible - if you start pouring too high the nail polish will sink to the bottom) and work slowly. The polish should float and continue with alternating colors.

3. Use a stick to create your design in the polish. Start in the center and move out - you will have to do this quickly so the polish doesn’t harden. And don’t worry about being too scientific about it, the looser, the better.

4. Submerge the vase in water about a quarter to half way in and then pull it out. If there are gaps or you want more marbling you can repeat the process. Let it dry for at least 30 minutes. You can use nail polish remover to remove any nail polish on the sections you don’t like and start over if it got messed up.

5. Once dry spray with a clear matte finishing spray.

I let my vase dry overnight, but after about 30 minutes the nail polish will feel dry to the touch.

Now your vase is all set to display your flowers.  This also works great for mugs!

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